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The Benefits of Quality Control

Improve the quality of your products and give them stability

The reason why quality control is necessary

Working for more than one decade with the most well-known brands of Europe we are specialist in adding value on your product through accredited and certified quality control.

Applying the most common AQL standards we are totally convinced that our customers achieve through this process improved quality and consistency to their products

Depending on our customers need we provide the following exceptional services:


  • Intervention when 10% to 20% of production sewing is completed
  • Inspection of finished and semi-finished pieces off the production lines
  • Checks running back into the production line from finished pieces, to pieces under assembly on the lines, to raw material and components
  • Control of measurements and quality
  • Evaluation of production problems and suggestion of solutions to the manufacturer
  • Definition of the root causes of the problems detected and checking that the factory can improve / solve these problems
  • Establishment of a corrective action plan in order to improve the rest of production
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