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Global Green Fashion is a consultancy company specialized in enabling businesses to achieve growth and add value and add value through sustainability.

Our vision: to create a sustainable, health and full of potential world for future generations.

Our mission: to introduce, to encourage and to promote paths into businesses, people, groups and organizations through the process of sustainability in order to gain brand reputation, add value to their product, be more innovative, reach new customers and markets, have better product quality, have good supplier relationships and reduce water use, waste and energy.

Our story: My name is Matenia Patraskaki. I firstly met the world of businesses through my studies in business administration. I received my bachelor of science signed and accredited by the board of Trustees in Boston of Massachusetts in the begging of 2000s. Immediately after that I came in the fascinating world of fashion as supplier for well-known brands like ASOS, H&M, WAREHOUSE, PEPE JEANS. All of these year – especially the latest – I realized that the future of fashion is in the road of sustainability. We receive news from our clients through their portals and bulletins in which they underline the importance of this trend. All of us we believe that sustainability is the only way to be successful in our market.

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